People in the Foundation

Gabriela Koncitikova

Director of the Tomas Bata Foundation, lecturer and writer of the legacy of the Bata philosophy

She has been studying the Bata legacy for twelve years and is the author of several Bata books. She has been working for the Thomas Bata Foundation since 2016 and as part of her professional activities, she focuses on the possibilities of applying the Bata Management System to the current business environment. Her lectures are focused on specific aspects of the Bata Management System. You can contact Gabriela if you are interested in professional consultations, lectures, workshops or implementing Bata legacy directly in your company.

+420 737 834 176

Jakub Malovany
Project a PR Manager of The Tomas Bata Foundation

Publicist, editor and writer. He works for the Tomas Bata Foundation as PR and project manager. In 2013-2019 he was a member of the artistic ensemble of the Municipal Theatre Zlín. He is the author of several books. He is a long-time journalist, has hundreds of articles and interviews to his credit, and is a regular contributor to the cultural magazine inZlin. He has been a member of the H+Z Club since 2022. Professionally, he has worked as an editor for Czech Radio and a reporter for CNN Prima News.

+420 607 811 373

Jitka Zvolska

Director´ s Assistant

She has been working for the Thomas Bata Foundation since its establishment. She is Mr. Velev´s right hand. Currently, she is in charge of planning for the rental of the Villa, tour dates and wedding ceremonies. You can contact Jitka if you are interested in any of these activities or if you are interested in buying a book directly in the Villa.

+420 605 459 181

Jana Benkova


You can contact Jana if you need to issue invoices or correct billing information.

+420 602 181 082

Board of Directors of the Thomas Bata Foundation

Rosemarie Bata Blyth

Chairman of the Board

Petr Dostal

HR Director at Continental Barum, Otrokovice

prof. Petr Saha

Director of the Centre for Polymer Materials, Faculty of Technology, TBU in Zlin

Miluse Hasonova

Economist at Tescoma, Zlin

Karel Jezik


Martin Dorotik

CEO at RIM CZ, Otrokovice

Stanislav Martinec

Manager at KOMA MODULAR, Vizovice

Jiri Korec

Mayor of Zlin

Ivan Batka

CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors at FOSFA

Pavel Velev

Former Director of the Tomas Bata Foundation

Supervisory Board of the Thomas Bata Foundation

Stanislav Machovec

Chairman of the Supervisory Board



Jakub Zapletal

Director Of Lesy a statky Tomase Bati, Loucka

Andrea Kadlčíková

Chancellor at Tomas Bata University in Zlin