With the creation of the Thomas Bata Foundation and the reconstruction of the Bata Villa, the phenomenon has returned, the history of which has been ruthlessly interrupted, but with this new form it intends to build on the rich legacy and develop it further.

The mission of the Foundation is not only to preserve Bata’s history and Bata’s traditions as such, but also to support projects aimed at the healthy development of a prosperous community, whether in the field of social and cultural development, youth education or support for entrepreneurial activities.

The Bata’s Villa was returned to the family after 1989, and in 1997 Thomas J. Bata offered it as space for the Foundation’s offices. The Villa has become the place where most of the Foundation’s educational, cultural and social activities take place.

Establishment of the Foundation



We are opening the gate of the Thomas Bata Foundation, through which the historical tradition connecting the name Bata not only with business, but also with the support of public affairs and benefit to the people is fulfilled.


Premises for the Public

The exceptional environment of the Villa allows the Foundation to offer renovated premises equipped with conference and catering services to those interested in organizing trainings, conferences, business meetings, important meetings or ceremonial events of various kinds. We are able to rent the Bata’s Villa not only for corporate but also for private purposes.

Cultural activities

The Foundation organizes concerts and exhibitions from novices to famous artists. The basis of the Foundation’s cultural and historical activities is cooperation with local institutions and organizations, including the City of Zlin, the Regional Office of the Zlin Region, Tomas Bata University in Zlin, the Bata School of Work Alumni Club, schools and cultural facilities.