1932, July 12

26. October, 2020 | News

Tomas Bata died in a plane crash in Otrokovice
His company had over 31,000 employees and had savings of CZK 152,000,000 in personal accounts
Bata did business in 36 fields of production, trade and services
The assets of Bata Ltd., Zlin as at 31 December 1931 amounted to CZK 920 million and were 80% covered by equity (share capital 175 million, reserve funds 515 million, retained earnings 46 million)
The annual production was 36,300,000 pairs of shoes; Bata provided 81% of footwear production and 75% of exports in the Czechoslovak Republic.
The group produced in Czechoslovakia (Zlín, Otrokovice, Trebic, Bosany, Nove Zamky, Krasice ) and also in new factories in Germany, Yugoslavia, Poland, Switzerland, France (others were built in England and India)
Bata’s world trade network included 2,500 stores (1,800 in Czechoslovakia, 700 abroad). Bata’s sister companies operated on four continents in 24 countries.
In July 1932, the management of the world company Tomas Bata was taken over by a three-member team consisting of Jan Antonin Bata, Dominik Cipera, Hugo Vavrecka
Dominik Cipera (1932-1945) took over the function of the mayor of Zlin

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