Bata Week


A one-week festival, during which the doors of the Bata Villa open and the legacy of their original owners is also open to everyone who is interested in getting to know it.


Festival TB │ Bata Week September 7-11, 2020


The main theme of the fourth year of Bata Week is the family life of the Bata couple. In 2018, several valuable artifacts were returned by the Bata family’s from Toronto to Zlin and they bring a closer look to the family life of the Batas. These valuables were taken away by Mary Bata during her emigration. We are talking mainly about personal correspondence between Tomas Bata and his half-brothers and close friends. We will share these interesting things with you throughout the week.

As usual, we have also prepared thematic guided tours and free access to the Thomas Bata Foundation Library for you.

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Festival TB │ Bata Week
June 17-19, 2019


125 years of Bata Inspiration – the theme for this year’s third year of Bata Week was quite clear, on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the founding of the Bata company to return to its roots not in a reverent way, but in a Bata way – a creative work that will inspire and develop.

This year, more than ever, we return to his deep thought: “First build yourself, then build a business!”
According to Bata’s philosophy, building oneself is one of the most difficult tasks of every person, Bata’s management system is built to build oneself and thus become an example for others, because one of the main pillars of Bata’s corporate culture was respecting the fact that everyone naturally learns by imitation.

In this year’s Bata Week, we would like to share with you ideas on how to become an inspiring example for our surroundings.
Come and draw on the unique atmosphere of the Bata’s Villa and be inspired by Bata’s ideas.



Festival TB │Bata Week

May 14-18, 2018


This year we are preparing the second year of the Bata Week festival, within which we will open the door of the Bata villa again. You can look forward to themed lectures and guided tours of the villa at a reduced entrance fee.

The Bata Week festival will take place on May 14-18, 2018 and this year we will present the lives of young people in Bata’s Zlin. You can learn more about the demanding lives of young men and young women who studied at Bata’s school of work.

We also offer you popular tours of the Bata’s villa, which we call “From the cellar to the attic”. Book your visit well in advance!