Supported Projects


The Thomas Bata Foundation supports around a dozen projects a year, whose activities support awareness of the Bata phenomenon, develop cultural and community life in Zlin and help young and beginning entrepreneurs, scientists and artists.


ZAM – Zlin Architectural Manual

Support of the history of Bata and community life in Zlin, applicant aArchitektura


Since 2018, the Thomas Bata Foundation has been involved in the creation of architectural maps that will guide those interested in Bata’s architecture. The individual maps are thematically divided. Subsequently, the cooperation on the creation of sightseeing routes and maps grew in cooperation on the creation of the Zlin Architectural Manual.

Up to the present, the creation of three sightseeing routes and related maps has been supported, as follows:


  1. Zlin architecture until 1945 (the route presents the most important buildings built by the Bata company during the 1920s and 1930s, a factory complex, but also buildings in the historic core in namesti Miru).
  2. Around Bata’s living (a walk through the first working-class district of Letna, built near the factory complex in the 1920s and 1930s. It shows typical houses and exceptional buildings that you will not find anywhere else in Zlin).
  3. Zlin – Gottwaldov – Zlin (route dedicated mainly to post-war construction).


The project was supported by CZK 30,000.



International housing competition of the Bata company in Zlin – website

Promotion of culture and awareness of the legacy of Bata, applicant Vladimir Parizek

In 2019 the project was supported by the website of the International Competition housing company Bata in Zlin, which informs about this unique competition, which took place in Zlin in 1936.

The intention of Vladimir Parizek, whose favorite topic is Bata’s architecture, was supported by the amount of CZK 30,000, which was used to create the website, graphic design and processing. The website was created in cooperation with the Thomas Bata Foundation and the Regional Gallery of Fine Arts in Zlin.

The content of the website complemented the exhibition of the same name, which was created by the Regional Gallery.

“I created the website thanks to my long-term relationship with the Bata construction industry. For me, it meant more to present to the lay and professional public this unique project, which attracted Le Corbusier, Fuchs and other important architects of that time to Zlin and ranked it among a few European cities in which exhibition colonies of modern housing were established. Thanks to the Foundation, I was given the opportunity to devote myself fully to this topic and look through the Regional gallery into a lot of historical materials, which is about the expansion of other lesser-known corporate competition.” stated the author of the project.


Tomas Bata through modern eyes

Art support, applicant Peter Ustinov

In 2019, the project by the young budding artist Peter Ustinov, who comes from Bata town in Slovakia – Partizanske, was supported. Since his childhood, Peter has been interested in graphics and depictions of important personalities from both the past and the present. The first painting of Tomas Bata was created directly in Partizanske. The Thomas Bata Foundation supported the creation of a collection of paintings of Tomas Bata, which have become a part of several exhibitions and presented Tomas Bata through the modern eyes of a young artist.


Currently, the paintings can be seen right in the Bata Villa. The project was supported by CZK 18,000.

“Creating a portrait of Tomas Bata was an honor and a unique opportunity for me to connect my work with the place where I come from, which was founded and developed on the basis of the business principles of this great man,” stated the author.