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From Zlin into the World

by Zdenek Pokluda

The story of Tomas Bata (1876 – 1932)

Published by The Thomas Bata Foundation, Zlin 2015



The Story of Tomas Bata (1876–1932)

by Zdenek Pokluda

Czech and English language

The book describes the work of Tomas Bata as an entrepreneur and mayor of Zlín. It deals with the Bata company, areas of its operation and expansion into the world. It outlines the company development under the successors of Tomas Bata, World War II and nationalization. It includes also an overview of Bata global operations after World War II. The Czech-English text is complemented by numerous photographs. The enclosures include brief statistics and advertisements.

Published by the Thomas Bata Foundation in April 2015.

Third Edition