Tomáš Baťa’s birth anniversary

03. April, 2021 | News

145 years ago, another child was born into a family in Zlín, a shoemaker’s family. A boy named Tomáš. His life prospects were the same as most of the then shoemaker’s children. Shoemaking equated to poverty.


However, this boy was different, tenacious and full of desire. He had never received anything in his life for free, and it all cost him his best effort.


It was hard work that helped him grow into a man who took responsibility for his own life. For him, business became a symbol of freedom, not only personal, but also all co-workers who joined forces with him.


He developed a system that promoted a business that could benefit everyone. Raising the standard of living of society has become the meaning of life for him. He left his system here to everyone who comes after him – it is freely useful to anyone who is willing to start building themselves…


Video made on the occasion of the 145th anniversary of the birth of Tomas Bata.

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