We are preparing a travelogue by Max Heller

26. February, 2021 | News
The second record from the logbook of Max Heller, a reporter who took part in the first voyage of the Bata ship Morava. ….
29. March 1933 between Gdynia and Kiel. Bata´s ship left the port of Gdynia today at 2 p.m. Finally. It was not pleasant at all in the port. Through the night and all day, the rattling of chains and winches, on board a tangle of crates, wood, wool, oil, coal slag and other unanalyzable garbage. “Young men” –  that´s also what they are officially called in Zlin – are not used to something like that, so they decided to make order. The deck crew smiled sympathetically. No sailor woud have thought to clean the deck if the ship was at anchor. It would be useless work. As soon as the young men cleaned the areas around the middle ship´s superstructure, the coal spreader came from the boiler room and placed seberal containers of slag and slag from the boiler room on the freshly plastered floor …
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