The Mission of the Thomas Bata Foundation

“To perpetuate the values of community and entrepreneurship that are synonymous with the Bata name through the support of culture, education and youth.”


Bata Academy

The Bata Academy is an educational course, which is divided into five seminars. Each seminar represents one of the main parts of Bata’s Management System. In addition to the historical legacy of Bata, we will also introduce you to how to apply these principles not only in work, but especially with your personal life. The lecturers of the academy are Gabriela Koncitikova and Pavel Velev. We are opening the academy in Zlin, Prague and Bratislava…

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Tours of Bata’s Villa

Tomas Bata’s Villa is one of the most visited monuments in Zlin. Up to this day, the genius loci is evident in it and it reflects the personality of its owner. The villa was built by Tomas Bata in the years 1909-1911.
If you are interested in getting to know this exceptional place, check our offer of tours for the public or contact us…

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Lectures on the legacy of Bata

We present the timelessness of the Bata legacy and the Bata Management System through individual lecture topics. The basic lecture is on the topic of Tomas Bata’s personality and his business growth. At the same time, we offer ten more detailed topics that bring the individual areas of the Bata Management System closer.

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Bata’s Villa for rent

Tomas Bata’s Villa is a unique space right in the center of Zlin. It offers a unique atmosphere for your meetings, conferences, representative, educational and social events, as well as wedding ceremonies…

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Culture and development

The Thomas Bata Foundation actively supports the development of culture in Zlin and its surroundings. We recommend a visit to Bata Week, during which you can not only draw on the unique atmosphere of Bata’s villa, but also use some of Tomas Bata’s ideas in your own lives and projects. If you want to relax with your work team, draw new ideas and get to know each other, we will prepare a tailor-made program for you…

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03. April, 2021

Tomáš Baťa’s birth anniversary

145 years ago, another child was born into a family in Zlín, a shoemaker’s family. A boy named Tomáš. His life prospects were the same as most of the then shoemaker’s children. Shoemaking equated to poverty.   However, this boy was different, tenacious and full of desire. He had never received anything in his life […]

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26. February, 2021

We are preparing a travelogue by Max Heller

MAX HELLER TRAVEL The second record from the logbook of Max Heller, a reporter who took part in the first voyage of the Bata ship Morava. …. 29. March 1933 between Gdynia and Kiel. Bata´s ship left the port of Gdynia today at 2 p.m. Finally. It was not pleasant at all in the port. […]

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06. January, 2021


We want to make you happy in the new year, so we have a surprise for you! We all lack cultural events, performances, exhibitions and much more. In the autumn, we opened the exhibition “There is no such word as impossible”! Colorful World of Bata. However, due to all the measures, it was possible to […]

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